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Are there any tips for using my wood burning stove?

Here are some top tips for using your wood burning or multi fuel stove. After reading them click here to see our siter company called www.log-delivery.co.uk who sell everything you need to burn on your open fire or wood burning stove.
Tips when lighting the stove.

1) Need to use at least 2 firelighters and dry kindling (10-15 pieces will create lots of heat to warm the flue) Do not use newspaper to start a stove, it creates smoke and does not heat the flue properly.
2) Leave door slightly ajar to help get more air to the kindling, once ignited the door should be closed and small pieces of dry wood should be added.
3) Burn well dried wood, or better still kiln dried wood. Do not burn wood that is bought from petrol stations as this is likely to be wet.
4) Close windows, in the room if wide open, as any draft through the house can affect the flow of air and encourage it to come out of the stove if for example it is windy outside.

 Tips for burning logs in a wood burning or multi fuel stove

1) In the morning, rake embers evenly over the fire bed and open the air wash control fully, refuel little and often is better than filling the stove to the top.
2) Use smaller thicker logs, if you put one very large log in a stove it may cause smoke spillage into the room.
3) Keep your logs well covered and ventilated and out of the rain.
4) Don’t clean the ash away after every fire, let this build up, so that there is a bed of ash, as this helps the embers stay whole and makes a hotter fire – remember a hot fire burns of the smoke and is more efficient. If being used every day it is best to clean out the ash once per week.
5) Do not burn large amounts of fuel with the air wash or the primary air controls on low settings for long periods of time and this increases creosotes to build up in the stove and the lining system.
Tips for burning smokeless fuel

1) Clean out the ash regularly, as smokeless fuel requires lots of air to get under the coals to get them going.
2) Use plenty of kindling and pay an amount of smokeless fuel on top. Then ones this is a light, add more smokeless fuel.
3) Once the coals start to turn white and start to sink together (after about 4-5 hours), you will need to riddle the stove, moving the ash into the ash pan. If you want to refuel, you then need to add a firelighter and more kindling to get more flames going before adding more smokeless fuel.
4) One good method of using a multi fuel stove is to have a smokeless fuel fire fires and then add wood on top. This is because the ash from the smokeless fuel makes a perfect ash bed for burning wood.
5) Burn high quality smokeless fuels, the cheapest will be cheap and will not burn as long.
6) Always check the stove manual to see what smokeless fuels you can burn, bituminous coal like “Petro-coke” or other petroleum based fuels, often burning these invalidates the guarantee on stoves. Instead burn smokeless fuels or anthracite suitable for closed appliances (stoves).
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