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What wood is best to burn on my wood burning stove?

We sell hard wood that has been kiln dried, as this is best for the stove because it has a moisture content of less than 20%. However, If you are planning on cutting back a tree in your garden or can source free firewood for a neighbours land or your own, here is a guide for which wood is best to use on your wood burning stove. Most need to be well seasoned, however some like Ash need less time to dry out.

Buying a stove is the first thought to consider, then once it is installed you will start your journey of where to buy wood from.

Our customers often complained about bad suppliers of fuel to us and asked what wood is best and where can I buy dry wood?

This is why our sister company called www.log-delivery.co.uk was born, to help our customers continue to get a quality service from a wood supplier that can be trusted and relied upon to delivery hardwood logs from the UK, from well managed sources

We would often hear stories of wood logs they were buying from suppliers who were selling wet wood. We were told they seemed not to care about were the wood came from, or the customer service they gave, for example they would have to take a whole day off work to wait in for the logs to arrive, often being cancelled at the last minute or never having a call to say they were not coming, rubbish!

Sometimes the "seasoned logs" were not seasoned and arrived wet, sometimes buying seemingly good value "mixes" of soft wood and hardwood, only to receive 10% hardwood in the small 0.9 cubic metre builders bag of logs (Log delivery sells 1.2m3 bulk bags of kiln dried hardwood logs and seasoned hardwood logs, as well as smaller 10kg bags) was frustrating and bad for the new stove installation as the glass was blackening up due to the high levels of moisture content.

This is why Our sister company called www.log-delivery.co.uk was born, to help our customers continue to get a quality service from a wood supplier that can be trusted and relied upon to delivery hardwood logs from the UK, from well managed sources. 

www.log-delivery.co.uk delivers logs and smokeless fuels in easy to order packages that have everything you need, they are just a few clicks away.

Call their friendly customer services team Monday to Friday, 10:00am - 4:45pm on 020 8819 6482 or click here. to see their packages.

Why use www.log-delivery.co.uk?

1) You choose a 3 hour arrival time
2) Free deliveries inside the M25
3) Delivers to the rest of South England for a small charge
4) Offers a unpack service
5) Auto reminders to help you remind yourself when you may want to re-order.
6) Mix and match using their pallet builder to create your ideal mix of hardwood kiln dried, seasoned lfirewood, kindling and eco logs and firelighters
7) They sell exotic wood like Olive firewood logs
8) Well run delivery operation
9) High level of stock all year round
10) Logs from well managed forrests
11) Log delivery.co.uk sells 1.2m3 bulk bags, not the smaller 0.9m3 bags
12) Our orders are shrink wrapped to keep rain off, kiln dried bulk bags come with covers
13) Smokeless fuel merchant, supplier of smokeless fuel, kindling, eco logs and more
www.log-delivery.co.uk can be called on 020 8819 6482 Monday to Friday 10:00am - 4:45pm, Monday to Friday.
What wood to burn?
Alder logs - Is a low quality firewood and does not burn very well.

Apple logs - Apple burns well, but must be well seasoned, with burns with a pleasant smell and without spitting or sparking. A steady burner, with little flame, but great heat.

Ash logs - Ash is one of the best woods for firewood. It can be burned green but is best when seasoned. It burns at a steady rate and not too fast. Great for wood burning stoves or open fires.

Beech logs - Beech has a high water content so only burns well when seasoned well.

Birch logs - Birch is an excellent firewood and will burn unseasoned. However, it does burn very fast, so is best mixed with slower burning wood such as Oak. Birch gives off a good amount of heat and has a bright flame.

Cedar logs - Cedar is a good firewood which burns well with a pleasant smell. It gives off a good and lasting heat, doesn’t spit too much and small pieces can be burned unseasoned.

Cherry logs - Cherry has to be seasoned well but gives off a good amount of heat and a pleasant scent, and does not suffer from over spitting.

Cypress logs - Cypress burns well but fast when seasoned and it may spit.

Elm logs - Elm is a good firewood but has an incredibly high water content, so it must be seasoned well. It gives off a good, lasting heat and burns very slowly but it may need assistance from another, faster-burning wood to keep it burning well.

Eucalyptus logs - Eucalyptus is difficult to split due to stringy wood fibre. It is best sliced into rings and allowed to season during the summer, when it will probably start to split of its own accord. When its fresh, it’s very wet so it needs to be seasoned well but then it burns fast with a pleasant smell, without spitting.

Hawthorne logs - Hawthorne makes good firewood which burns well and gives a good heat output.

Hazel logs - Hazel makes excellent firewood, once it has been seasoned. It burns fast without spitting.

Holly logs - Holly is a good firewood and can be burnt green.

Hornbeam logs - Hornbeam is a good firewood which burns well.

Horse Chestnut logs - Horse Chestnut provides a good flame and heating power but it spits a lot so is best suited to log burners.

Larch logs - Larch needs to be seasoned well. It spits excessively while it burns and forms an oily soot in the chimney. Not the best fuel for liners, try to avoid this.

Lime Tree logs - Lime makes poor firewood.

Maple logs - Maple gives a good heat, need a year to season well.

Mulberry logs - Mulberry makes excellent firewood, good flame and burns well.

Oak logs - Oak is one of the best firewoods. When seasoned well, it gives off a good lasting heat and burns reasonably slowly. Second only to Ash.

Pear logs - Pear burns well, when well seasoned, with a pleasant smell and without spitting or sparking.

Pine logs - Pine needs to be seasoned well. It burns with a bright flame but spits while it burns and forms an oily soot in the chimney. Not the best wood for burning in stoves with flexible liners

Plane logs - Plane is a usable firewood, not well known and other woods should be used for a better heat.

Poplar logs - Poplar is used to make match sticks and considered a poor firewood. It burns slowly giving out small heat.

Rowan logs - Rowan is a good firewood and burns well.

Spruce logs - Spruce is a low quality firewood.

Sweet logs  - Chestnut Sweet Chestnut burns when seasoned but spits constantly! We would not use on open fire and if using it on your wood burning stove, keep the door shut!

Sycamore logs - Sycamore is a good firewood which burns well when well seasoned. Try mixing with oak for a better combustion.

Walnut logs - Walnut is a low quality firewood, burns ok, but if you can source other wood you will have better fires.

Wellingtonia logs - Wellingtonia makes poor firewood, other woods should be sourced where possible.

Willow logs - Willow has a high water content but it does burn really well if seasoned well, normally 2 years is best is a well ventilated area

Yew logs - Yew is a usable firewood, but not the best, try and source a different firewood if possible.

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